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From Dreamscapes to Landscapes in One, Two... 2FootYard is the most well-known synthetic grass designers serving Las Vegas area.  We have landscape designers from all background and with a var

About 2FootYard

Dreaming Of A Beautiful Yard?

If you desire curb appeal on a reasonable budget, 2FootYard is the best choice for your project. We make landscape dreams come true everyday! We love working with the homeowner integrating your i

Contact Info

Contact Information

Where to Find Us We are located in Las Vegas, NV.  The best way to get in contact with us or to schedule an appointment to meet one of our designers is to fill out the contact information bel


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  Sprinkler System Design & Installation   Sprinkler System Design & Installation Tired of wasting your time and money? Have you ever considered an in-ground sprinkler system?

Landscaping Design News

Creating Real Curb Appeal

Front yard landscape design is often considered the most important component of complete home and garden planning. Your front yard is the first part of your home visitors see and may be the only porti

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  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: (702) 271-5270 
  • Address: 1536 Raindance Way, Las Vegas, NV 89169